Agenda 2014 – Deep Research

The recent decade brought along a great treasure of design research. Many of the things found have not yet been fully explored in their technical, spatial and architectural potential. APD is going to pick up some of the most promising research threads.  Some of them have already been looked at in previous years of APD so that this becomes a thorough continuation building on the findings and methods developed earlier.

Each of the five research areas will be taken on by two students exploring the domain. Within that they are asked to formulate their own research agenda and ultimately to write a design brief for an their individual thesis project.

Flexible Formwork for Cast Structures


The Flexible Formwork System by Kavin Horayangkura APD13

Soft Cast by Minimaforms – Theodore Spyropoulos

Soft Cast by Minimaforms
P_Wall by Matsys – Andrew Kudless
Proceedings to the 2012 Conference – International Society of Fabric Formwork ICFF

Metal Sheet Forming

Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) by Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Trautz RWTH Aachen Paper
ISF video by  MTA SZTAKI CIM Robotics Laboratory

Smart Joints and Space-Frames

Experimental joints by Mirco Becker
Branches and Bifurcations by Mirco Becker Paper for eCAADe 2006

Friction Aggregates

Bristle Beach Pavilion by Shima Moradi

Work by Karola Dierichs at ICD Paper for eCAADe 2012

Plastic and Elastic Skins

Latex Tensility by Melissa Swick

MOOM Pavillion by Kazuhiro Kojima + Kazuko Akamatsu

Plastic Dunes by Amr Al Janadi

Plastic Dunes by Amr Al Janadi – APD13


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